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Posted on: April 5, 2009 1:15 pm

I'm tired of ESPN controlling college sports.  Last year, they told us that the BIG 12 was the best conference in the nation.  So much talent.  Quarterbacks best ever, greatest teams, greatest offenses ever.  Well, bowl games proved otherwise.  The tri-champs went 1-2, the two loses coming against SEC teams and the win against Ohio State on a last second miracle.  The same Big 10 those experts said was terrible.  The same OSU team to get drilled by USC.  ESPN experts got Bradford the Heisman and Oklahoma a title shot. 

Basketball comes around and the Big East is the beast.  ESPN says they deserve three number one seeds because they played in the toughest conference.  The teams got the best seeds and easiest routes.  MSU had to play the Pac-10 tournament champion, Big 12 conference champion, Big East conference and tournament champion just to get to final four.  Villanova the fourth best team in the Big East, played a second place Pac 10 team, Second place ACC team and Second place Big East team that they beat during regular season.  Why does this happen.  ESPN tells fans every evening that the Big East has all the best teams top to bottom.  The Big 10 is terrible.  The Big 12 is not as talented as the Big East and the Pac 10 doesn't exist.  So Selection Sunday comes and the Big East gets the highest seeds and best draws.  Syracuse, which finished sixth in the conference, got a three seed.  Syracuse which had a 2-6 conference record against better teams.  Michigan, which had just as many quality wins as Syracuse, got a 10 seed and almost didn't get into the tourney.  Why?  ESPN said the BIG 10 sucked! 

What ESPN experts do is give the power conferences the best seeds due to the constant lobbying.  They get teams rewarded by being in a tough conference.  Syracuse was this years team.  Siena, which had a better overall record and played and lost at Kansas, Tennessee, Pitt and Oklahoma State, got a nine seed. They were in everyone of those games.  Not one blowout. They beat Ohio State, then get the No. 1 overall seed.  Not fair to Siena.  Syracuse should have been a nine seed.  Giving a sixth place team a three seed is shameful.  Syracuse didn't earn a three seed and by the blowout loss to Oklahoma, didn't deserve it!!!  Thank you Digger, Dick, Jay and Hubert for cutting short a good team like Siena and prolonging an average team like Syracuse. 

The tournament is about best teams.  A sixth place conference team should have to earn their way to the Championship by being a lower seed and prove they belong on the court instead of being handed a gift just because of who they are. 

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